Carnival crew

Jennifer Reed

-Name: Jennifer Reed
-Nick Names: Jen, Jenny, Reedo, Roxy, Sexy Rexy, Chella
-Birthday: September 6th '83 VIRGO
-Who sent you this mail? Brad, Amy, Joe
-Movie: Can't Hardly Wait, 10 things i hate about you
-Tv show: I love Lucy
-sandwich: Grilled cheese
-restaurant: Francescoes
-Fast-Food place: Wendys
-friend: Jill, Lindsay, Allexis, Misty, Liz,John F., Ryan , Seth, and all the cruise kids
-Subject in school: Uhhh.... NONE!!
-Thing to do: Hang out with my friends, sleep
-Ice cream: i like frozen yogurt
-song: "Cailin" ~Unwritten Law "Do your feet hurt" and "Chick Magnet" ~Mxpx "M&M'S"~blink (before they became sell outs)
-animal: puppies
-day of the week: Friday and Saturday
-drink: Orange Juice, Shirly Temples
-memory: Last 24th of July, Waverunning, the cruise
-fruit: Strawberries
-Veggie: Celery
-Color: Red or the color of Toms blue Hurley shirt!!
-Brand of clothing: Roxy for girls Hurley for guys
-Word(s): Viluptuious [i dunno if its spelled right...] (just try saying it, its cool!)
-Name: guy name: Braden, girl name: Skylie or Star
-Radio Station: KKAT101.9
-Type of music: PUNK RAWK!!
>If your thoughts were a movie, what would it be rated?: G rated- im a mormon remember? ::sarcastic::
>bad habits?: i bite my nails
>Have you ever been in love?: Not what i imagine love to be.
>How often do you take a shower?: everyday!
>Favorite shampoo/conditioner: Thermasilk
>Favorite smell: rain, gasoline, brand new cars
>Favorite perfume/cologne: Angel, Clinique Happy
>looks matter (yes/no): They do but only to a certain extent
~White/colored socks: none i hate socks
~purple/green grapes: purple
~blond/brown hair: either but i hate bleached hair (highlights are ok)
~Blue/Brown eyes: uhh... lets just say green
~Shoes/bare foot: i like to bare it!
~looks/personality: Personality no doubt
walking/running: walk
~smart/airheaded: a little bit of both!
~easy/hard to get: hard to get
~funny/serious: it depends
-If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you and why?: tom, some really hot kid at my school i dunno his name, and mark.
-Most annoying thing a person can do: when people pick their noses in their cars... [Just because your alone doesnt mean other people can't see you!!]Also people who talk with their mouth full of food.
-Have you ever done drugs?: nope
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Umm... im going to be a SUPERSTAR!!
-Funniest joke you have ever heard: .. let me get back to you on that one...
-What you look for in the opposite sex: A guy that is cute but doesnt know it. I love skaters and snowboarders, he has to like cool music like i do (no rap crap) he has to be down to earth and not care what other people think about him.
-Turn offs: bad breath, pervs, guys who do drugs
-Turn ons: TOM!
-Quote or phrase that someone should do away with: "whatever" "as if"
-personal quote: Anything ever said or written by Blink182
-an invention that you wish was never invented: cigarettes the smell makesme sick
-your hero: I don't have one
-Is this boring: im bored anyways so its something to do!!
-Have you ever sluffed school?: yeah
-Is your glass half empty or half full?: half empty
-How is your room decorated?: cool green carpet and a bunch of pics of myfriends, dance pics, dried roses, and candels.
-Do you collect anything?: sea shells
-Do you consider yourself selfless or selfish? Honestly? I can be both.
-The funniest thing you've ever done: The funniest? i dunno...
-(complete this statement) Life is... a bitch and so am i! j/k