Carnival crew

Joe R.

("Can't touch this")

-Name: Joseph W. Rayome
-Nick Names: Big Tall Goofy Kid, Big Red Retard, Joe(not neccesarily in that order)
-Birthday:March 24, 1982 (I can legally buy porn!!)
-Who sent you this mail? Like frickin everybody
-Tv show: The Man Show
-sandwich: A Big F'n One
-restaurant: Ed Debevic's (in Chicago)
-Fast-Food place: All of them, I love to eat but I'm not healthy:-(
-friend: Chris, Jeff (when he's not with his g/f), Ryan, James, and of course you my people!!
-Subject in school: Math( I had a formula named after me. No really I did)
-Thing to do:masterbate, I mean, uh, play basketball, and watch SU KICK ASS!!!
-Ice cream: All of them
-song: Time is On My Side-Stones, Nice 'N Slow-Usher * *-new favorite of mine thanks to Catherine!
-animal: My rabbit Kringle(stinky for short) and a Kangaroo
-day of the week: NONE, everyday I hate the next. even on weekends cause I gotta work
-drink:Beer. (sorry mormans, it tastes damn good!! even if I dont drink anymore!)
-memory: the cruise!!!
-fruit: Peach
-Veggie: Green Beans(weird huh?)
-Color: blue
-Brand of clothing: anything that will F'n fit me cause I'm too F'n tall
-Word(s): riiiiiiiiight, How bout no Scott Ok? you had your chance, Thats a shame, yeah just put that anywhere pal!, off the meat rack, and last but not least............ SUCKS MY BALLS!!
-Name:wait a minute wasn't this already up there?
-Radio Station: Power 102 -they have Doug Banks in the Morning
-Type of music:Like everything from Barry White(yeah yeah) to Aerosmith to DMX
>If your thoughts were a movie, what would it be rated?: NR- I know its the cheap way out but sometimes I'm in like porn mode and then im thinkin about Catherine and the Cruise and then I think about my homework....its insane
>bad habits?: yeah I'm gay, I watch scrambled porn, I pick my nose, and put my hand down my pants when relaxing....I'm just kidding about the first one.(hehe)
>Have you ever been in love?: If love can happen over a week then yes and its still going! Rad, huh?
>How often do you take a shower?: About 3 times a week if I have time(which I dont cause of work)
>Favorite shampoo/conditioner: the one in my bath tub
>Favorite smell: Catherine's shampoo
>Favorite perfume/cologne: Michael Jordan
>looks matter (yes/no): Im screwed either way so no comment
~White/colored socks: white, I tried the color in elementary (said the New York Way) but then I got beat up
~purple/green grapes:purple
~blond/brown hair: I have brown, but Blonde is great for members of the opposite sex
~Blue/Brown eyes: doesn't matter
~Shoes/bare foot: sandals, its a combination of both
~looks/personality: again, either answer will get me in trouble so I say both
~walking/running: my walking is some peoples running
~smart/airheaded: smart, but I dont apply myself
~easy/hard to get:easy, a girl just has to look at me and I say "take me"
~funny/serious: funny
-If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you and why?: water, food, and a F'n boat. Well I gotta eat and I aint gonna die on some island so l'll take my ass to someplace with people
-Most annoying thing a person can do: tap when everything is silent
-Have you ever done drugs?: Weed.....No, not really, I cant back that up!
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Being a Morman(yeah right) ... Being in the FBI or something cool like that
-Funniest joke you have ever heard: A rabbit walks into a store and goes up to the counter and says "hey, got any carrots?" and the clerk says "no sorry we dont have any carrots" rabbit says "OK" Comes back the next day, same question....same answer. Comes back the next day, same thing. Comes back again and this time teh clerk says "listen you little bastard, if you come in here again asking for Carrots again, I'm gonna nail your fucking ears to the wall!!" Rabbit says" alright".Comes in the next day and says" Hey, got any nails?" the clerk says surprised " Uh no sorry we dont have any nails." rabbit says "then you got any carrots?" -hehehehehe
-What you look for in the opposite sex: Catherine
-Turn offs: being morman!! hahahahahhaha weirdos
-Quote or phrase that someone should do away with: "I'm morman" and "Mormans dont suck"
-personal quote:riiiiiiiiight, How bout no Scott Ok? you had your chance, Thats a shame, yeah just put that anywhere pal!, off the meat rack, and last but not least............ SUCKS MY BALLS!!
-an invention that you wish was never invented: states- can't we all just get along in Utah??
-your hero:Barry White-hes the guru of love
-Is this boring: you kiddin me? Im havin a Rad time . Actually it Sucks my balls
-Have you ever sluffed school?: Only Mormans use sluff so whoever copies this change it to skipped or cut
-Is your glass half empty or half full?: either way its going down the hatch
-How is your room decorated?: SU stuff and pics from the cruise
-Do you collect anything?: shot glasses from different places ive been
-Do you consider yourself selfless or selfish?selfless
-The funniest thing you've ever done: ask Chris, there is too many
-(complete this statement) Life is... summed up best when you say, it Sucks My Balls