Carnival crew


-Name: Katherine Suzanne Savoy
-Nick Names: katie, kate, kates, qt, cutie petutie (dont ask), skank (once again, dont ask), puppy (cause according to one of my best friends i make the best puppy face....riiiiight), and there are lots more i cant think of
-Birthday: July 11, 1984....yes...i know....i'm a baby
-Movie: Mulan (i'm a disney addict), It's my party, and The Shawshank Redemption
-Tv show: Buffy!!!!! and Friend
-sandwich: tuna with apple (trust me it's delicious
-restaurant: Bertucci's
-Fast-Food place: Burger King
-friend: Kirsten, my best friend since i was 2 1/2
-Subject in school: DRAMA!!!!
-Thing to do: act, sing, dance, hug :)
-Ice cream: Chocolate peanut butter
-song: kiss from a rose (by seal)
-animal: anything furry
-day of the week: saturday!!!!
-drink: shirley temple
-memory: the cruise!!!!!!, hawaii, trips to CA to see my best friends, i have so many wonderful memories and hopefully more to come!!! (woah, that was cheesy)
-fruit: strawberries
-Veggie: cucumber
-Color: purple!!!!
-Brand of clothing: xoxo
-Word(s): riiiiiiiiight......f*** u!!! :):):)
-Name: bryn and tira for a girl, Brandon and Sean for a boy
-Radio Station: Kiss108
-Type of music: anything and everything
>If your thoughts were a movie, what would it be rated?: R
>bad habits?: i talk too much :), get jealous waaaay to easily but i get over it fast, i can get really wrapped up in my own little world (just hit me and i'll snap out of it)
>Have you ever been in love?: no, but it will happen :)
>How often do you take a shower?: every day
>Favorite shampoo/conditioner: panteen pro V
>Favorite smell: vanilla
>Favorite perfume/cologne: Tommy H for men is to die for
>looks matter (yes/no): for first impressions yeah, but never judge a book by it's cover
~White/colored socks: colored all the way
~purple/green grapes: purple
~blond/brown hair: brown
~Blue/Brown eyes: green
~Shoes/bare foot: BARE FEET!!!!!! if i had it my way shoes would be outlawed
~looks/personality: personality
~walking/running: dancing
~smart/airheaded: smart
~easy/hard to get: depends
~funny/serious: FUNNY!!!
-If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you and why?: food, water (duh), and.....all you guys!!!
-Most annoying thing a person can do: make their friends fill out these stupid surveys :) jk
-Have you ever done drugs?: no
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: famous (it's gonna happen!!)
-Funniest joke you have ever heard: its not the funniest but it's the only non-X-rated joke i know....."A man escapes from prison and he jumps up and down saying....'i'm free!!! I'm free!!!!'...the little boy next to him says...'so what? I'm 4!!!'" heehee, how cute
-What you look for in the opposite sex: someone who can love me no matter my faults....and I will do the same for them
-Turn offs: too many to write
-Quote or phrase that someone should do away with: same difference (i always say that and i HATE it)
-personal quote: "life is a stage" and "LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST~~~LIVE IN THE MOMENT"
-an invention that you wish was never invented: i hate beepers
-your hero: bernadette peters and my uncle (he died of AIDS almost 6 years ago and we was the most talented, amazingly wonderful person I have ever known....i'll tell you all about him someday if you want to hear) :):):)
-Is this boring?: sadly, i like filling out these things....i just never have the time
-Have you ever sluffed school?: sluffed??????? riiiiiight
-Is your glass half empty or half full?: definitly half full
-How is your room decorated?: stars, suns, moons.....u get the idea
-Do you collect anything?: glass animals and picture frames (with pics in them of course)
-Do you consider yourself selfless or selfish? both at different times
-The funniest thing you've ever done: oh good god dont get me started....
-(complete this statement) Life is... never to be taken for granted and to be cherished. Never forget to tell those that you love how much you love them......I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! :):):)