Carnival crew

Melanie Young


-Name: Melanie Allison Young
-Nick Names: bubbles, mounds (mike), melison allanie, melatosis, melabutt (my brother)....
-Birthday: April 17!!!
-Who sent you this mail? Jen from the cruise!
-Movie: Casper
-Tv show: Dawson's Creek
-sandwich: Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!
-restaurant: Friendly's (i know, not fancy, but i like it cuz it's casual and they have really good pickles!)
-Fast-Food place: Wendy's
-friend: I have lots of friends, from all over the country
-Subject in school: Math, hence the major in engineering
-Thing to do: Swim!!!
-Ice cream: Chocolate peanut butter from Baskin & Robbins
-song: almost anything by blink 182, especially small things
-animal: dolphin
-day of the week: friday
-drink: strawberry daqueri
-memory: the cruise!
-fruit: strawberries, especially chocolate covered
-Veggie: green beans
-Color: blue
-Brand of clothing: express
-Word(s): kool beanz!
-Name: Steven
-Radio Station: Z100
-Type of music: anything goes
>If your thoughts were a movie, what would it be rated?: R
>bad habits?: i'm a little too paranoid sometimes. according to some of my friends, i'm way too goody-too-shoes, cuz i won't do drugs or steal stuff or anything like that
>Have you ever been in love?: Yes, but he stabbed me in the back....
>How often do you take a shower?: once a day, usually in the morning
>Favorite shampoo/conditioner: herbal essences
>Favorite smell: roses
>Favorite perfume/cologne: whatever the guy i like is wearing at the time!!!
>looks matter (yes/no): sad to say, but yes
~White/colored socks: funky patterns
~purple/green grapes: green
~blond/brown hair: definitely blond
~Blue/Brown eyes: blue
~Shoes/bare foot: shoes
~looks/personality: personality
~walking/running: walking
~smart/airheaded: smart
~easy/hard to get: a little of both
~funny/serious: funny
-If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you and why?: what kind of question is this?!? i guess unlimited fresh water and food, and a close friend
-Most annoying thing a person can do: pull the rubberband out of my hair
-Have you ever done drugs?: nope
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: rich with a good job, probably married
-Funniest joke you have ever heard: i hear way too many, especially blond jokes, they go in one ear and out the other now (not literally, i'm not that blond!)
-What you look for in the opposite sex: i can list a whole lot of things that would be my dream guy, but every guy i like seems to be the opposite of what i picture as perfect, so i don't know what will make me like someone
-Turn offs: nasty teeth
-Quote or phrase that someone should do away with: blonde airheads
-personal quote: never take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyway
-an invention that you wish was never invented: everything has a purpose
-your hero: my mom, i guess
-Have you ever sluffed school?: what the hell does that mean? if it means cutting school, then yes, i have
-Is your glass half empty or half full?: a glass is neither half empty nor half full, but a vase waiting for flowers
-How is your room decorated?: all blue and yellow with lots of winnie the pooh stuff
-Do you collect anything?: crystal figurines
-Do you consider yourself selfless or selfish? neither. i have no problem giving when it suits me, but i also love getting stuff
-The funniest thing you've ever done: i make a fool out of myself all the time, why pick just one thing?!?
-(complete this statement) Life is... whatever u make of it