Carnival crew

Wayne Curtiss

-Name: Wayne A. Curtiss
-Nick Names: pYro
-Birthday: -Who sent you this mail? Melanie
-Movie: starwars, 007 movies
-Tv show: x-files
-sandwich: roastbeef
-restaurant: bertucci's (cant spell it)
-Fast-Food place: burger king
-friend: eamonn
-Subject in school: Gym
-Thing to do: Computers
-Ice cream: chocolate chip
-song: any thing by MetallicA
-animal: Wombat yeah!
-day of the week: Sat.
-drink: Mountain Dew :)
-memory: i dunno
-fruits: no
-Veggie: Hell no
-Color: blue
-Brand of clothing: Quicksilver
-Word(s): %#@!^ you, riiight
-Name: i dunno
-Radio Station: 106.9
-Type of music: Rock, Metal, Punk, Ska, Industrial
if your thoughts were a movie, what would it be rated?: this is a stupid question
bad habits?: going on the computer
Have you ever been in love?: no
How often do you take a shower?: once a day
Favorite shampoo/conditioner: what the hell?
Favorite smell: pizza
Favorite perfume/cologne: mine
looks matter (yes/no): most of the time
~White/colored socks: white
~purple/green grapes: rasins
~blond/brown hair: black
~Blue/Brown eyes:blue
~Shoes/bare foot: shoes
~looks/personality: yes
~walking/running: run
~smart/airheaded: smart
~easy/hard to get: i have no idea
~funny/serious: varies
-If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you and why?: food, water, and a beautiful woman (not neccisarily in that order) -Most annoying thing a person can do: look like a furby
-Have you ever done drugs?: nope
-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: with a family and a good paying job
-Funniest joke you have ever heard: Anthony looks like a furby
-What you look for in the opposite sex: looks, personality, sense of humor
-Turn offs: stupidity
-Quote or phrase that someone should do away with: "you go girl", "talk to the hand" etc.
-personal quote: #@$!& you!
-an invention that you wish was never invented: not really an invention but i wish the stupid pepsi commercials with that annoying little girl on them would just end!
-your hero: Lars Ulrich
-Is your glass half empty or half full?: it doesnt matter, cuz someone is gonna drink it any way
-How is your room decorated?: Uconn and starwars
-Do you collect anything?: starwars action figures, Uconn memorobilia
-Do you consider yourself selfless or selfish? depends
-The funniest thing you've ever done: i dunno
-(complete this statement) Life is... a b%$#!@$